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Customized Buttons: A Guide


Basically, there are three types of buttons that can easily be customized and personalized and can be made to promote business or to simply just wear for fashion. Making buttons is a very fun and interactive thing to do and can be a very good past time. Below are the three kinds of buttons you can easily do at home.


First is the fabric buttons. Fabric buttons can have a lot of attachments to it. From keychain, zipper pull, to a cellphone charm. This kind of button is very useful in shops that sell embroidery materials or offer embroidery services, because they can basically make the fabric buttons into any accessory for any other item.  Fabric custom pin buttons can have very versatile backs, unlike others might prefer, like the pinback buttons, to accessorize their clothing, purse or hat, etc.


Second kind of button is the pinback button. Pinback buttons can be used in a lot of ways. Pinback buttons are the combination of fabric and photo buttons. They are the grey area of black and white. While they can be used in a variety of ways, one purpose really catapulted them to popularity and that is to promote bands. Pinback buttons have been around for quite a long time and some are even collector's items. Bands in the 70's were really into pinback buttons for promotional reasons. They would produce a lot of pinbacks and sold them to fans, because producing them was very easy and cheap.


Third is the photo buttons. These buttons also have a lot of uses but mainly thrives in parents making photo buttons with their family and children. This has been very popular especially in athletic departments. They would put pictures of their athletes and would look in to it to sell to other students or fans as a way of raising funds for the team or the school. An ordinary photo button of athletes can sell from 5 dollars to 8 dollars and producing it would only require you about a nickel. Now there is are really big profit margin, that is why vendors and athletic departments really turn to them when looking to raise funds. Not to mention producing more of these photo buttons could also reduce the overall production cost which results to more profit.


Those are only three types of buttons and they automatically show potential in the market due to their high demand and because they are very easy to make, in terms of production costs. You may then order buttons here.